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panara June 29, 2005 13:21

Dear all, I read on CFD-onlin
Dear all,
I read on CFD-online about the SIMDI OpenFoam Workshop, can somebody give more details about it?
Why it is not advertised on the OpenFoam web pages?
More documentation will be released during the workshop?

Thanks in advance for any extra information,


henry June 29, 2005 13:28

We have not included anything
We have not included anything on the OpenFOAM or OpenCFD web-sites about this workshop because we have not been told anything about it, not even that it is happening.

OpenFOAM discussion board administrator June 29, 2005 14:33

Dr Jasak's message has been re
Dr Jasak's message has been removed for legal reasons.

alberto June 29, 2005 18:36

I think you can obtain the sam
I think you can obtain the same information by reading the user guide and doing the tutorials.

It's a 4 hours workshop (definetly too expensive: 500 SEK are about 530 euros): they just don't have the time to teach you something about FOAM programming.
Probably they just will show the structure of equation implementation, comment an existing solver and show beautiful coloured contour plots. ;-)

Just my opinion, however.


alberto June 29, 2005 18:42 was 5000 SEK http:/ was 5000 SEK

lillberg September 8, 2005 05:28

About the SIMDI workshop i Got
About the SIMDI workshop i Gothenburg.

Unfortunately we didn't see this discussion util today, sorry about that, and would just like to make some comments.
We have been told by the organizers of this workshop that they have been in contact with Henry Weller. The fee of 5000 sek does NOT go to Niklas W and I who are presenting, and who just want to show the CFD industry and others some of the powers of OpenFOAM. We are NOT getting paid for this. Frankly I don't think any of the non-commercial attendees are paying anything for the workshop.

And yes, Alberto is absolutely right, we only have time to scratch on the surface of these magnificant libraries and "show beautiful coloured contour plots. ". Plots that show, however, that OpenFOAM is handling complex physics and is accurate, robust and efficient, through a wealth of published results. Likely nothing that is new to this community, but all too important.

Furthermore, the SIMDI adverticement on CFD-online and CFD-Review about the two of us beeing "expert FOAM developers" was written by the organizers without our knowledge.

Best Regards

Eric and Niklas

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