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Hrvoje Jasak (Hjasak) February 11, 2005 10:05

There is a discussion going on
There is a discussion going on regarding the move of the FOAM Forum from its current address to the CFD-Online web site. I hope you all know about CFD-Online ( and I was wondering if people visiting this forum have a preference. In my opinion, the move will expose the forum to a larger community and this can only be beneficial, both in terms of the quality of answers and the number of FOAM users.

Any comments are appreciated,


Guosheng Kang (Kang) February 11, 2005 12:04

I think this is a great idea.
I think this is a great idea.

Fabian Braennstroem (Braennstroem) February 12, 2005 04:24

Hi, I think it is a good i

I think it is a good idea in terms of exposing the forum to a larger community, but unfortunately I will not be able to follow this forum with my mail program anymore.

Maybe, you can province Jonas Larsson from CFD-Online to use some program which is able to provide some mail-handling (like a maillist). I mean it would be much easier and faster for everybody to make the discussions with a mail user agent than over some kind of web-interface.
Right now, I am not using OpenFoam active, but I try to convince my department to use it. Keeping track on the discussions is pretty easy with my mail user agent; though I miss the ability to response with my mail program.

So I will miss to follow the discussions with my MUA when this forum moves to CFD-Online.


Eugene de Villiers (Eugene) February 12, 2005 08:42

If the OpenFOAM discussion mo
If the OpenFOAM discussion moves to CFD-online, it will probably not be using the current forum software employed by CFD-online. Although I can't guarantee anything, it is highly likely that whatever the new format is, it will support mailing list style distribution of forum posts.


Des Aubery (Aubery) February 12, 2005 09:44

I would believe that the www.
I would believe that the forum slot would place FOAM in the main CFD spotlight - so to speak. It seems to be a very well-run site with a very wide readership.

Since I was the one who raised the last request on cfd-online & having only recently signed up to this forum, I do apologise if I have created any conflicts. I just felt that it would be appropriate for OpenFOAM to get the coverage it deserves. I believe that it would result in a potentially much larger readership.

FOAM is an absolutely excellent tool that deserves to do well.


mattijs August 9, 2005 07:20

Dear All, the discussion si
Dear All,

the discussion site is becoming quite unresponsive due to the number of invalid email addresses. Please make sure the email address you specify is valid or switch off email notification in your profile.

I will delete all users that have invalid email addresses.

Kind regards,


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