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oransom April 1, 2005 16:13

I just recently have looked in
I just recently have looked into OpenFOAM to try and solve problems for open channel flow. My hope is to apply this to modeling transport in sinuous channels. I was curious if there was anyone else interested in the same area, to perhaps give me some pointers, as I am just learning.

eugene April 4, 2005 05:32

There is a code called settlin
There is a code called settlingFoam that has some sedimentation-type capabilities. Run the tutorial and see if it fits your needs.

For free-surface flow you will probably need a VOF two-phase solver. See rasInterFoam for an example of this.

billy June 27, 2005 12:40

Hi Owen, I would like to kn
Hi Owen,

I would like to know if you have applied OpenFOAM to sediment transport. I am also interested in modelling sediment transport and erosion.

segersson June 29, 2005 14:11

Hi Owen and Billy, I've studi
Hi Owen and Billy,
I've studied channel flow with other CFD codes than OpenFOAM. After what I've seen so far, you will probably be able to solve your problems in OpenFOAM. However, you will need to write some code yourself (inlet profiles, sedimentation and erosion is not implemented for channel flow). All the tools for doing this are available in OpenFOAM, you "just" have to put them together.

An advice is not to use a VOF solver, even if it is tempting, unless you are primarily interested in the free surface over a quite limited part of the channel, such as a inlet to a dam (it requires a fine mesh close to the surface, and make the calculations much slower). Instead you could use a fixed surface with a symmetry boundary condition (maybe with some modifications to the turbulence model). In order to be able to cunstruct the mesh, you will have to know the position of the free surface in advance. Vegetation in the channel can be handled by introducing a drag term in the momentum equation, I'm trying to to that for land vegetation right now (wind simulations), and it will be ready quite soon (I hope).


billy July 4, 2005 18:00

Hi David, Thanks for your i
Hi David,

Thanks for your input.


Zeclair June 30, 2010 04:58

sediment transport equation
Have you succeed to implement transport sediment equation in Openfoam? because actually I'm working on it for my final year project.
Give me a advice please how did you do it.

bojiezhang August 21, 2011 10:03


Have you succeed to imply transport sediment equation in Openfoam?
Can you give me a advice and tell me how to do it.


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