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cbadke March 18, 2005 13:53

Good Day! I am wondering wh
Good Day!

I am wondering where in the code tree I could find the code handling file output for OpenFOAM. I am would like to test OpenFOAM with a visualization package I am developing but in order to do this I need to modify the output code slightly.


Curtis Badke
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

mattijs March 18, 2005 14:25

That is done by the polyMesh c
That is done by the polyMesh class. It holds the points, faces and cells (and some more) which are of type pointIOField, faceIOList and cellIOList which are template instantations of IOList. IOList can write itself and first outputs a header followed by all the elements of the list inbetween a () pair.

Don't think this really helps you?

(you sure you don't want to write a conversion script?)


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