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tchavdarov March 12, 2005 00:46

Where can I get uudecode/uuenc
Where can I get uudecode/uuencode for Linux?

mattijs March 14, 2005 04:23

Should already be in your Linu
Should already be in your Linux installation? I have it as


but I don't know with what package (multimedia tools?) this came.

conry March 14, 2005 05:07

Re package for uuencode on Lin
Re package for uuencode on Linux,
On Debian GNU/Linux it's in sharutils
( is handy for queries like this)

On SuSE, it seems the package is also called sharutils (at least on enterprise server): l


tchavdarov March 17, 2005 01:46

Thanks Michael, I found the
Thanks Michael,

I found the source here but when I tried to download it I got an error that the file cannot be read. This error shows repeatedly for other locations than this one:

I will appreciate any further advice,,

conry March 17, 2005 04:18

Hi Boyko, OK, two tips. Fi
Hi Boyko,

OK, two tips.
First, for a standard tool like sharutils you shouldn't need to download source. It is much better to use the packages supplied by your Linux distribution. For example, with Debian I would type:

apt-get install sharutils

Under SuSE/Fedora/Slackware/Gentoo, there'll be a similar command. A big advantage of this is you don't have to worry about build-dependencies or other trickiness. Also, you benefit from the security process of the distribution (i.e. the maintainers will watch for vulnerabilities and update accordingly), and all you have to do is install the upgrades your maintainers recommend.

Generally you should only install-from-source software that has not been packaged for your system. Or perhaps software that you work very very closely with so you want always to have the most up-to date version and you're always following the updates and changes over time.

Now, lets say you *DO* in fact want to download the source. When I clicked on the ftp link on the page you supplied, I also got an error message. The link is apparently out of date. To find the correct link, you can go to

Then navigate the directories until you get to

and from there I was able to download the tar.gz archives.


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