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Kuan Tek Seang (Seang) January 23, 2005 14:23

will it be possible to organi
will it be possible to organize a contribution archive? to serve as a depository so that the OpenFOAM community can share the codes they developed ...

Tek Seang

Niklas Nordin (Niklas) January 23, 2005 17:08

Sure, I am using subversion fo
Sure, I am using subversion for that here at our dept.

I have set up an openfoam repository

which is world readable, but require passwd to submit.


Mattijs Janssens (Mattijs) January 23, 2005 17:47

Hi Niklas, how easy is it
Hi Niklas,

how easy is it to edit information that is on there? Is it like a wiki where we can just change things using a browser or do we have to check-in/out files. I'm asking since there is a lot of information on the discussion site which kind of gets buried but should ideally be in some FAQ or in the OpenFOAM documentation.


Niklas Nordin (Niklas) January 24, 2005 04:19

Hi Mattijs, It works exact
Hi Mattijs,

It works exactly like cvs, so you have to check-in/out files.

If you have other ideas that you think are better
let me know and I can try to set it up.


Eugene de Villiers (Eugene) January 24, 2005 11:32

How do we get the password?
How do we get the password?

We need some kind of submission guidelines, otherwise it will get messy. I think wiki would help with that and any other documentation.

A directory structure similar to OpenFOAM's with a list of new contributions and a summary of their functionality at the top level would also work quite well to start with IMO.


Niklas Nordin (Niklas) January 26, 2005 10:23

Hi Eugene, You mean somethi
Hi Eugene,

You mean something like this

NB! As you might have noticed out mail server is down at the moment, so all emails from this board will arrive once it gets back up.


Eugene de Villiers (Eugene) January 26, 2005 11:14

Hi Niklas, Yup just like t
Hi Niklas,

Yup just like that.
Can you write an article on how to import source to the subversion repository please (or just put a link in)?
Also, if possible, could you e-mail me and mattijs the admin password so we can start customising a bit?

We also need to establish some kind of categorisation so we can lock the front page. Suggestions on this structure welcome.

i.e. something like








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