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Hrvoje Jasak (Hjasak) February 11, 2003 15:28

As some of you probably know,
As some of you probably know, the automatic mesh motion functionality in FOAM is based on an embedded FEM solver which operates on polyhedral cells and is second-order accurate.

Over the last few months a lot of work has gone into improving this solver (mainly by Zeljko Tukovic, University of Zagreb, Croatia) and now we've got a fully-fledged (well, almost!) finite element library in FOAM 2.2. In the next release you will find a linear stress analysis application stressFemFoam - please feel free to have a go and tell me what additional uses you have for it and what functions you need.

At the moment, the solver is still segregated but we'll work on this in the future both on the FVM and the FEM side.

srn March 27, 2013 10:21

this sounds very interesting. Have you got more information or samples ?

best regards

Chris Lucas March 31, 2013 12:52


have a look at OpenFoam 1.6-ext.

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