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benconnell April 14, 2009 18:45

vorticity calculation at symmetryplane
Hi, I'm pretty new to OF and a little confused by something. I'm calculating vorticity with the "vorticity" post-processing application for results solved with icoFoam. I have a symmetryplane on a 3D O-grid (actually half and O using a plane of symmetry).

The calculated vorticity does not seem to be right on this symmetry plane. I can see the velocity field is doing what I expect, but the vorticity normal to the symmetry plane is calculated as zero which does not correspond to the 2D velocity field in that plane. Also, the components of vorticity tangential to the symmetry plane are non-zero, which also confuses me.

Has anybody experienced similar behavior or have any insight on this problem? I could very well be doing something stupid, but I've tried to look at it from every angle and I can't see what. Does this have something to do with the method used in OF to calculate the curl?

Thanks for any help,

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