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kdarc May 8, 2009 16:59

operating on a specific cellZone ???
I have been able to create cellZones in my mesh, which as best as I can tell are simply sets of cell indices.

My question is about how-to:

How do I make use of cell zones??
For example, I want to give a value to a field only in a certain cellZone.

I imagine this operation to be akin to defining boundary conditions on only specific patches, but so far I have been unable to find any example code for cellZones.

I found something relevant looking in a file called mixerFvMesh.C, shown below:

const labelList& cellAddr =

forAll (cellAddr, cellI)
k_ads[cellI] = k0_ads*Foam::exp(-E_ads/(R_gas*T[cellI])) ; // rate of adsoption of HCHO onto carboxen [1/s]


Are there some .H files or other preparations I would need to get this code to compile?? A compile library??

my error output is:

cEqn.H: In function ‚int main(int, char**)‚:
cEqn.H:5: error: no matching function for call to Foam::cellZone::cellZone()‚

any help greatly appreciated.

kdarc May 11, 2009 10:47

An in-house colleague kindly sorted this out for me.

The syntax is:

const label cellZoneID = mesh.cellZones().findZoneID("carboxen");
const labelList& cellAddr = mesh.cellZones()[cellZoneID];

etc etc...

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