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Burn May 19, 2009 12:38

Premixed laminar flame

I have to do simulations of PREMIXED laminar flames with detailed chemistry.
Right now I am in the phase of having to choose a suitable code.
The possibility to have access to the source code and to implement own models makes OpenFoam very attractive.

Has anybody experience with the simulation of premixed laminar flames with OpenFoam (the chemistry is supplied in Chemkin format)?
Is it possible to use ReactingFoam?


kalle May 23, 2009 04:50

I think reactingFoam can be a good start... I use a modified version of it for LES+reduced chemitry (stratified premixed)... works great!

Burn June 10, 2009 10:00

ok thanks,
i will start working with reacting foam

PattiMichelle July 26, 2009 23:04


Originally Posted by kalle (Post 216963)
I think reactingFoam can be a good start... I use a modified version of it for LES+reduced chemitry (stratified premixed)... works great!

Kalle: I've been looking for the Arrhenius equation definitions for ReactingFoam because I also want to do a laminar premixed flame (for now, H2+O2+Ar) - but I cannot find them. Can you help? Thanks! Patti:)

ly.foam July 28, 2009 00:07

I vaguely remember that there has been a utility (or function?) in OpenFOAM 1.5 that computes premixed laminar flame speed. If that is all that you want, why not try it?

kalle August 4, 2009 03:03

Patti: Now, you've got me a bit. I also searched as you some time ago.

Please start by having a look in file ChemistryModel.C at line 572ff. There is the solve function which is called by chemistry.H (in the reactingFoam solver). Using the OpenFOAM Doxygen is convenient:

There you can see that the line;

00626 mixture += (c[i]/cTot)*specieThermo_[i];

does the actual increase/decrease of each species. The important term here is 'specieThermo_[i]'.

If I got it right (I'm not 100%) how this one is calculated depends on your settings in the thermodynamicProperties dictionary. But how the settings there affects the reactingFoam at runtime is unfortunately beyond my C++ knowledge...

However... if you start from the reactingFoam tutorial

and modify the chemical mechanism (and of course mesh+BC's) in the /chemkin directory I think you should be good off to do your laminar flame.

Good luck,

PattiMichelle August 4, 2009 11:42

Thanks, Kallie! That's the first good news I've heard so far... I was actually talking to the OF folks and they haven't implemented the CHEMKIN-II style diffusivities, which is critical for low-pressure flames. I am thinking of asking my company to sponsor that, since I have no C++ knowledge!

kalle August 4, 2009 20:26

I see... You may also have a look at an OpenFOAM+Cantera project going on:

I dont know details about Cantera, but it may provide the diffusivities you need.

If you try and get it working, please post a note on that... would be interesting.


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