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josee May 20, 2009 19:10

Problem with naca mesh
Hello everyone, I would like to know why I am having trouble with a Mesh I've imported from ICEM using fluentMeshToFoam. It seems the mesh doesn't have problems but after running checkMesh a failed mesh check message appears. I have used OpenFOAM for about five months so I am still learning. Any advice I'd appreciate! This is the checkmesh file:

Create time

Create polyMesh for time = constant

Time = constant

Mesh stats
points: 127278
internal points: 0
faces: 252531
internal faces: 125253
cells: 62964
boundary patches: 6
point zones: 0
face zones: 0
cell zones: 0

Number of cells of each type:
hexahedra: 62964
prisms: 0
wedges: 0
pyramids: 0
tet wedges: 0
tetrahedra: 0
polyhedra: 0

Checking topology...
Boundary definition OK.
Point usage OK.
Upper triangular ordering OK.
Face vertices OK.
Number of regions: 1 (OK).

Checking patch topology for multiply connected surfaces ...
Patch Faces Points Surface topology
INLET 118 238 ok (non-closed singly connected)
AIRFOIL 516 1032 ok (non-closed singly connected)
TOP 259 520 ok (non-closed singly connected)
OUTLET 198 398 ok (non-closed singly connected)
AIR 125928 127278 ok (non-closed singly connected)
BOTTOM 259 520 ok (non-closed singly connected)

Checking geometry...
Overall domain bounding box (-7.99908 -8 0) (20 8 0.25)
Mesh (non-empty) directions (0 0 0)
Mesh (non-empty, non-wedge) dimensions 0
***Number of edges not aligned with or perpendicular to non-empty directions: 252688
<<Writing 127278 points on non-aligned edges to set nonAlignedEdges
Boundary openness (4.6997e-21 -1.41369e-19 -8.49101e-19) OK.
Max cell openness = 2.61622e-16 OK.
Max aspect ratio = 337.785 OK.
Minumum face area = 2.24974e-06. Maximum face area = 0.767972. Face area magnitudes OK.
Min volume = 4.49947e-07. Max volume = 0.153594. Total volume = 84.0793. Cell volumes OK.
Mesh non-orthogonality Max: 47.7005 average: 6.55558
Non-orthogonality check OK.
Face pyramids OK.
Max skewness = 0.385209 OK.

Failed 1 mesh checks.


milleniumrider May 4, 2010 06:29

Did you manage to solve this problem?
Hi Jose,

I'm importing a mesh from ICEM as well using fluent3DMeshToFoam and have the same error message upon running checkMesh, I wanted to ask if you managed to solve the problem. And if so, could you give me some help as to how you did it?

Thank you for your time.


Jose Villegas May 4, 2010 12:10

mesh to fluent
I stopped using OpenFOAM, I could not find a solution to that problem, it seems it was a problem with the mesh orientation.

milleniumrider May 4, 2010 13:04

Ok Thanks anyway for the reply :)
Hey Jose,

That's too bad, thanks for the reply.

Can I just ask if you were using an axi-symmetric case by any chance? And what solver did you use finally if you dont mind me asking?


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