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zhang May 22, 2009 05:38

Data export with paraview?
question 1: does anybody know, how could i display the totally resultsinformation about cell and point of the netzmodel with paraview (for example Ux, Uy, Uz, and the coordinaten of those point)? i wish to display the results in a cut of the model.
question 2: could i export this data? in which format?

maysmech July 22, 2010 19:39

I have same question.

L.J.Jiang July 23, 2010 11:39

File -> save data, you can choose .csv format if you like.


maysmech July 23, 2010 14:12

Thanks Jiang,
i've done that but as i want compare them with data at tecplot360 importing them into Tecplot360 leads to "error reading file".

L.J.Jiang July 25, 2010 07:34

Sorry, Maysmech

I have no idea of your problem neither, hope someone else can help you. Good luck.


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