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begou June 3, 2009 11:35

Extract a vertical profile in volScalarField
I'm quite new with OpenFOAM and I have to help a student who want to extract vertical profiles in his calculation domain.
I've find all that I need in volScalarField class (mesh and scalar values): I can print the cell center position and scalar value for each cell.
But I do not understand how to find (select) the cells along a vertical axis located at the (X,Y) position where I wont to extract the vertical profile.

I think this is a common thing when working with openFoam. Any help or starting point to read is welcome.



ngj June 3, 2009 13:31

Hi Patrick

Look into the "sample" utility. You will be able to find the required sampleDict in:


Reading the above should be quite self-explanatory.

Best regards,


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