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thomasduerr June 5, 2009 07:04

transient buoyantFoam including radiation?
Hi everybody,

I am relatively new to OF and am currently testing the buoyantFoam, buoyantSimpleFoam and just now also buoyantSimpleRadiatonFoam to mainly compute cabin flows.
Since I am also interested to look in more detail at the radiation effects in a transient setup (I saw among other models is the P1 model already implemented in the steady state buoSimFoam solver), has anybody ever included radiation in e.g. the buoyantFoam solver?

If that were not the case, what would it take to implement the radiation model in buoyantFoam solver?
I unfortunately only have a beginner's background in C++ and am guessing this would be hard to do? (As a info, I am running OF1.5)

A last question: Has anybody some documentation available for the radiation BC?

Any info/help/suggestions are most appreciated.

Thanks a lot &
best regards,

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