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weninb June 15, 2009 22:45

Foam fatal error

I am having issues with mesh conversions. I am running openfoam-1.4 which came with caelinux-1.4.1.

Currently, I am using Salome 3.2.9 to mesh/define boundarys. I use the NETGEn 1D-2D-3D algorith when meshing. Then I create groups for walls, inlets, outlets,.... Finally I use the "Export to UNV file" option to create a mesh file Openfoam will accept.

I run the cae console and type "ideasUnvToFoam $FOAM_RUN FUMEHOOD fumehood.unv"

Where FUMEHOOD is the case and fumehood.unv is the mesh exported from SALOME.

I get the following fatal error:

"FOAM FATAL ERROR : Trying to specify a boundary face 3(42 35 7529) on the face on cell 5139 which is either an internal face or already belongs to some other patch. This is face 39704 of patch 2 named WALL.#0..............."

I have meshed many different models and some work, but most do not. Is my problem generating the groups? or is it an openfoam problem?

I have looked online for and found some discussion, but i was not able to find an obvious solution.

Please, any help would be great. I been working quite a few weekds on this.

Thank you,


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