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beugold June 18, 2009 07:38

stitchMesh for uncongruent patches (stitch tolerance)
I'm currently working with OF 1.5-dev version, the stitchMesh utility is working quite well with congruent pair patches of interfaces.
I have a case in which the 2 meshes should be stitched in the interface boundaries, they are geometrically the same face, but after meshing they look slightly uncoincide due to the different size spacing assigned to the two meshes.
The stitching still works, but the interfaces is no totally removed. It seems to me, the non-coincide areas on the interfaces are remained in the stitched mesh with the same patch names.

The result is shown below.

The question is,
are there other utilities can remove the remained free faces and points? or can we change the tolerance values of stitchMesh to make the interfaces completely go away?

This is the stitchMeshTolerances text file, it would be nice if someone can explain me what are those values exactly in charge of.

//- Point merge tolerance
pointMergeTol 0.2;

//- Edge merge tolerance
edgeMergeTol 0.05;

//- Integral match point adjustment tolerance
integralAdjTol 0.15;

//- Edge intersection master catch fraction
edgeMasterCatchFraction 0.4;

//- Edge end cut-off tolerance
edgeEndCutoffTol 0.0001;

//- Edge intersection co-planar tolerance
edgeCoPlanarTol 0.8;

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