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quinton June 22, 2009 08:26

paraview,need recompile?

I have a problem with paraview.

i have installed openfoam1.5, and with the first example cavity running, the paraFoam tell me you should select "a reader for cavity.OpenFOAM", so i search all around the forum.... then i get the answer: recompile the paraview and vtk.

yes i did , and paraFoam run good!

but yesterday, i found i need openfoam1.5-dev. so, i built the openfoam1.5-dev. then run the first case cavity, oh! the same hints like i first use of1.5 "a reader for cavity.OpenFOAM" should be selected.

MY God! did i need recompile the paraview again?!!@?

then i chanaged the bash script file for the of1.5, the paraFoam run good! and changed to of1.5-dev. "a reader for cavity.OpenFOAM" hint shocks me again!

i think that i need not recompile the paraview , it must be some script files to be modified, may be dirctories etc.....

what should i do?

thanks advance......

Best Regards!

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