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danihuso July 3, 2009 07:38

serious Bug with the foamToFieldview converter
Hi everyone

I do work a lot with FieldView and I've testing OpenFOAM as my solver, I'm trying to validate simple cases with OpenFOAM. One of the cases i tried is a Couette flow with a moving plate with 1m/s velocity. (very similar to the cavity icoFOAM example but without side walls). Anyway i exported my results to Fieldview, and at a first instance the result seem fine but when i did a plot the velocity near the boundaries were wrong (i.e: at the top the velocity was 0.856 at the top when it should be 1m/s). It seem that the converter doesn't add the boundary values to the field values (I know that the result is correct because the the field values a correct).

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