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bernarde July 6, 2009 09:37

FoamX obsolete in 1.5?
Hi all

I'm a new OpenFOAM user, so please excuse me if this question is stupid, buy why is FoamX obsolete in version 1.5 op OF? Is there any other pre-processor available, and how is parallelisation handled in 1.5 (i thought FoamX gave a good inteface for this)?


olesen July 7, 2009 03:07

[QUOTE=bernarde;221604]why is FoamX obsolete in version 1.5 op OF?/QUOTE]

Getting FoamX compiled (and running) with the correct java version and CORBA interface was reportedly getting more and more difficult ... and end-users always seemed to encounter numerous problems getting it working with their particular java and network environment.

Besides which, using FoamX to edit dictionaries is comparable to performing keyhole surgery.

By dropping FoamX (and avoiding the additional work of creating a java-compatible interface for each feature), the developers could introduce very interesting and useful dictionary functionality fairly quickly:
  • improved #include directive
  • new #inputMode directive
  • new $entry sub-dictionary expansions (try them - they are really cool)
  • new regular expression matching for dictionary entries (in an upcoming version)
Dropping FoamX also means that paraview-related questions now get to dominate the forum ;)

bernarde July 8, 2009 02:06

Thanks, this makes sense.

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