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PaMuelle July 14, 2009 09:17

Simulation of a stirred miniplant extraction colon
Hi all,

at first thanks to all the people around here answering all the questions, with your help I managed to solve all the problems I faced during my OpenFoam installation!
I am currently studying business engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern and writing a major "study" (I think there isn't a real english word for "Studienarbeit") with OpenFoam.
My task is to simulate a stirred miniplant extraction colon (one stirrer, two flow breakers), at first as a two dimensional model, after that I have to expand it to three dimensions.
I started by installing Linux and OpenFoam and already finished all the tutorials presented in the OpenFoam manual.
Now I am looking for some hints on good web links or publications on this topic because I'm a little bit lost here.
I'm hoping to find anyone who already has some experience in this topic and some helpful tips or links.
I would really appreciate your help! (and your forgiveness for my poor English ;) )


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