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walex July 16, 2009 02:46

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I am trying to simulate a NACA64-418 airfoil using simpleFOAM (U=51m/s, AoA = 0deg, Re=3.4Mio). As I am interested in the charactristics of the BL, I use the lowRe-Turbulence model "LienCubicKELowRe". I have set my values for k and epsilon to 1e-10 as it was mentioned somewhere in the forum and I also made first a calculation with turb=off. Finally the calculation converged, but my resulting cl and cd are much too high (cl=1.48). I use a converted cgns-mesh made with igg from numeca. It is very fine (almost 700.000 cells) as with a more rough mesh my calculations did not converge. Does anyone has an idea why my lift and drag is too high? I have also uploaded my fvSchemes and fvSolution file. Maybe there is a problem I dont see?

Thanks in advance

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