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sven July 19, 2009 15:47

Implement new Turbulence Model
I want to implement a new turbulent Reynolds Stress Transport Model. For doing this I edited the existing LaunderGibsonRSTM Model (I changed the equation for the Reynolds stresses, so to fit to the new model). This new model uses in this equation other coefficients than the ones used by the original LaunderGibsonRSTM. According to the implementation of these coefficients in the original LaunderGibsonRSTM.C file, for example



I added new coefficients using exactly the same syntax ( but changing name and value of the coefficient). I also added the new coefficients in the LaunderGibson.H file (also using the same syntax as the one for the original coefficients). I can compile the files with "wmake libso" but when I try to run the turbulent solver with this new model I always get an runtime error, saying that the dimensions of the right an left hand side of the equation I edited dont match anymore. I think that is because the coefficients are defined as dimensioned<scalar>. Where can I set the dimensions of my new coefficients? Are there any more files containing definitions of these coefficients? Was it the right way to implement the new coefficients like this?
Thanks for your help!

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