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gricci July 20, 2009 11:52

non-uniform oscillatingDisplacement
Hi all,

does anybody know how to impose a non-uniform deformation to an oscillating plate?

i've been trying to use the oscillatingDisplacement boundary condition but it seems not to support a non-uniform displacement of the patch points.

Thanks in advance!

gricci July 22, 2009 14:14

Hey guys! check this out

I found what i needed in Eysteinn Helgason's work.

keep up the good work guys!

flying October 5, 2012 07:44

Dear Gricci:

I also need to conduct the same kind work as you. Have you solved this problem? Would u please give me some hints on it?

Thanks and best regards!

gricci October 6, 2012 15:18

Hi folks,
thank you for your interest in my work, but unfortunately I'm not working in the field of CFD from way back and I cannot help you. However I do remember that the link above has much of the information I needed!
Good luck

flying October 7, 2012 21:57

Dear Gricci:

Thanks for your reply. As you suggested, I have referenced Eysteinn Helgason's work of
Point-wise deformation of mesh patches. But, it is pity, I didn't understand it totally. How does make the deformation amtiputde changing with time?

From the function of for instance, Z= Ax**2+By**2. It can not find time, but I find the deformation changes in one period. Another question is whether x, y is same location as the initial location in the patch.

Thanks for so much!

Best wishes!

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