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pa-ma July 22, 2009 06:36

Loading geometry to OF 1.5

I am very new to OpenFOAM and I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way...

I want to load some geometry into OF which I modeled in Catia and added a bounding box to the .stl file in another cad package. Do you usually model a separate bounding box (ie. walls) or do you add this somehow later by editing something in /polyMesh/?

Anyway, I managed to mesh the model in Netgen by merging the meshed model with the meshed bounding box. I'm able to see these in Paraview, but how do I setup which of the patches of the bounding box is the inlet & outlet? Or again, would you define these separately in polyMesh?

netgenNeutralToFoam doens't load this geometry to OF because of multiple domains (netgenNeutralToFoam export results would allow editing the separate patches as inlet/outlet..), and while the fluent3DMeshToFoam loads the geometry properly, I won't be able to define the inlet/outlet because the walls are one lump of 3d data in constant/polyMesh.

Thanks for any advice!

- pm

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