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didomenico July 23, 2009 03:03

Where do thermophysicalProperties data come from?
Dear all,

I am trying to run Xoodles on a testcase burning methane but I am facing some small issues in understanding the structure of the thermophysicalProperties file. :confused:

Beyond "thermoType" and "stoichiometricAirFuelMassRatio" (no problem for them), I am supposed to provide thermodynamic data for all "species" included in the combustion model. If my hypothesis are right, each line should have the following format:

"species name" "??" "molecular weight" "low-T NASA thermo. coefficients" "high-T NASA thermo. coefficients" "Sutherland parameters"

Now the questions:

- can anyone help me to understand the meaning of the second field?

- in the pitzDaily-Tutorial these thermodynamic data are provided for "fuel" "oxidant", "reactants", "products" and "burntProducts" species. Except for the "fuel" data (data are for propane), how are the data for the other "species" derived? Are they calculated using some mixing rules? Or are they taken directly from some databases?

Once everything will be clear to me, I promise I will add a small documentation to the Wiki page :D


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