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sean_mcintyre July 24, 2009 11:20

interDyMFoam gamma fluxes with topology change
I'm trying to use interDyMFoam for the simulation of water entry. The geometry is similar to the movingConeTopo tutorial, with different shapes and some more grid refinement, plus a gamma field. Anyway, the solution seems to chug along nicely until the interface interacts with the cell addition zone (or removal? - I haven't checked that, as the removal zone was under the water). It seems that the gamma fluxes might get swapped (phase 1 for phase 2, or vice versa) in those cells. With a density ratio of 1, this doesn't cause stability issues, but when some quantity of water gets made into air (I think), that it generates pd spikes, eventually leading to a crash.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there an easy enough fix?

Sean McIntyre

nikos_fb16 July 24, 2009 11:32


which timediscretisation do you use? If its not euler try again with euler.

I had some problems with the rayleigh taylor instability and interdymfoam, that were related to the timescheme.


sean_mcintyre July 24, 2009 12:09

I'm just trying to get a really simple case set up, so the schemes are plain Euler for time, first and second order things for space discretization. Also, if I have it write the solution really often, I can see the strange happenings in pd at the mesh extrusion layer, as opposed to the fluid-fluid interface. Actually, it does the water entry nicely until there is a change in gamma around the extrusion layer. Once that happens, pd gets funky in that region, and the solution crashes pretty quickly. I'll see about posting the case (it's small) in a little bit.

Sean McIntyre

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