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siamak1424 July 31, 2009 00:50

inlet and outlet boundary condition for turbomachinery solution
Hi friends
i want to solve a 3D isolated rotor of a compressor with "COODLES". i use fixedValue for velocity and zeroGradient for pressure in inlet. in the outlet extrapolatedOutlet boundary condition is used.
i want to use "radial equilibrium equation" as a boundary condition for outlet but it seems that OpenFoam has not this boundary condition.
i will be so thankfull for your help :)

thiart August 12, 2009 02:26

Attached is a cryptic description
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of my (third) attempt at an approximate radial equilibrium outflow boundary condition. I am also new to OpenFOAM (2 weeks), and I also dearly needed such a boundary condition. It is not perfect, you have to tune it a bit by playing with the input options, but for my application of interest (swirling flow in an annulus) it works quite well. If it suits your needs, let me know.

:-] GDT

siamak1424 August 15, 2009 11:14

dear thiart, i am so thankful for your help. so thankful.

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