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joern August 11, 2009 11:26

order of reverseLinear

i found the reverseLinear scheme for surface-interpolation and i want to know, what order this scheme is.

the discription just sais, that its a linear scheme so it should be 2. order but i can't show this.
For a normal linear scheme i know how to show the order.

reverseLinear is defined (for a face e) as:
U_e = (x_e - x_P)/(x_E - x_P) * U_P + (x_e - x_E)/(x_E - x_P) * U_E

just the changes of the weights to normal linear.

Does anyone know how to show the order for the reverseLinear scheme?

immortality February 27, 2013 14:11

has anyone any experience about reverseLinear?

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