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Esosa August 18, 2009 07:13

Rectangular object falling into water

I am attempting to simulate a rectangular object falling into water released from a height at an angle as a 2D problem. I have created the geometry and when I use blockMesh, a mesh is generated as well as a long list of FOAM Warnings. When viewed in Paraview, the outline is fine but the wireframe of the mesh is quite 'spectacular'.

Can anyone kindly help me out with this?

A short (very) sample of the warning message is:

--> FOAM Warning :
From function blockMesh::createTopology(IOdictionary&)
in file createTopology.C at line 412
negative volume block : 13, probably defined inside-out


ngj August 18, 2009 07:32

Hi Esosa

The problem is that you do not follow to the correct orientation of the blocks, when you are defining your mesh. It is necessary to follow the same convention all the time. If in doubt look in the User Guide chapter 6.

As a rule of thump, the first node pair should point in the x-direction, the second in the y-direction and the z-plane should be a translation of the first four nodes. The vector between the sixth and the fourth nodes should point in the same general direction as the vector between the second and the first node.

Best regards,


Esosa August 18, 2009 09:34

Thanks Niels. Problem fixed.

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