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Paul1985 August 19, 2009 05:20

Moving Mesh with Ansa File

I have Problem with moving mesh. I am simmulating a dynamic Problem where one Part ist moving.

First I have simmulated the Problem without moving. I generated the geometry with snappyhexmesh.

The Problem is that I have no idea in building the gemometry, where one imported stl File ist moving and the other will be static. I havenīt found a tutorial file that build the geometry with an stl file with a dynamic mesh.

Thanks for your help

henrik August 20, 2009 02:13


in principal, the dynamic mesh motion algorithmn does not care where the mesh comes from. Just specify the velocities of the boundaries and solve for the vertex positions withing the domain.

Of course, this has limitations when it comes to large displacements in which case you need to reconsider the initial mesh topology and/or topological changes. See here:


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