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Miroo August 19, 2009 06:25

Laminar&Turbulent_Part 2
Hi guys,

My small problem is the connection between laminar and turbulent region.
There is no general solution for relaminarisation. But if I have an rectangular
duct with a turbulent flow, (I can solve this with simpleFoam) and after this duct is a another rectangular duct wehre the flow must be laminar.
Now I need a new solver...
One geometry (2 blocks) with 2 region of flow and I always know what kind of flow is in every part! :rolleyes:

How can I solve this problem when I need more different solvers? :confused:


Zowie August 19, 2009 08:43

Use a turbulent solver
I am not sure I understood your problem.... But I would say that you just need a turbulent solver. As far as I know, using a turbulent solver doesn't necessarily mean that the flow in the whole domain is turbulent.

Miroo August 19, 2009 09:10

Thanks man.
At the beginning I tried it, and it is very important to know where
is turbulent and where laminar flow.

The problem is:

When your geometry jumps from turbulent region to laminar reagion. So you need two solvers, for example: simpleFoam and then icoFoam.
So, how can I combine this two solvers in one problem?:rolleyes:

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