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scarllatti August 22, 2009 22:39

Falling Papers
I want to simulate falling papers and disks with open foam. I am looking for something like this : .
I mean to create a disk and then release it and then calculate the fluid forces due to the downward motion of disk because of gravitational force. I want the disk move in fluid and then apply Navier-Stokes equations to that to get the motions that you can see in the URL. I am new to open foam and CDF subject.
I will be very very grateful if someone can help me.
Thanks a lot

sega August 23, 2009 03:36

Sounds challenging, but first of all your link is not working ...

hansel August 30, 2009 17:16

As someone who was new about 6 months ago, I'd suggest that this not be your first project. Start with some of the tutorials, like the cavity example and play with that. Then you might want to try some simpler ggi stuff where the mesh (object) moves.

Your goal is especially challenging because it sounds like you'd like to use the forces generated on the object to actually determine how the object moves, and I don't think there is a standard method for doing that. (But I could be wrong since I have only 6 months of experience.)

I simulate wind turbines, but I do that by just setting a spinning rate and measuring the forces on the turbine. The air doesn't actually change how it spins.

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