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madad2005 September 7, 2009 05:07

SnappyHexMesh and sharp corners
I've meshed a box within a box using snappyHexMesh as a tester. However, it is failing to resolve the sharp edges and also doesn't grow any prism layers there. I've set resolveFeatureAngle to 10deg and there are a couple of refinement boxes around it.

Does anyone else have any good settings they can provide for meshing sharp corners?

phsieh2005 September 7, 2009 08:32


I believe that current snappyHexMesh does not support feature lines. Some people on this forum had mentioned that the feature lines may be supported in the future, but, I am not sure when it will happen.


madad2005 September 7, 2009 09:26

Thanks, Pei. That will explain the issue.

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