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zebu83 September 7, 2009 05:48

Wrong Reynolds stress in channel tutorial
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I run channel tutorial in OpenFOAM 1.5.x, I make "postChannel", then I visualize the results... here we are some plots:

Attachment 998

It's quite good, but it seem to be a mix between a channel U mean profile and jet profile.

Attachment 999

Attachment 1001

Attachment 1002

Attachment 1000

Fluctuations and Reynolds stress are totally wrong!!!
From the initial condition they grow up in the middle of the channel.
Have you any suggest?

I modify a little bit the tutorial. My channel is:
x*y*z: 3.5*2*2
nx*ny*nz: 80*180*120
nu: 4*10-5 (to have Re_tau ~ 180)

I use CrankNicholson for temporal interpolation and I try:
CrankNicholson 1
CrankNicholson 0.75
CranKNicholson 0.5

all lead to the results post.

Where am I wrong?

Thank you very much!
Best regard


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