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Nicopep September 21, 2009 12:44

problem with file stl in snappyHexMesh
Hello everybody!

I'm a new user of openFOAM and I try to modelise the free surface flow over a dam. I have the geometry of the dam under a .stl file and I want to use snappyHexMesh.

When I'm running it, I get this message:

"Cannot find triSurfaceMesh starting from "/home/isl/OpenFOAM/isl-1.6.x/run/CasTests/Thesauque/constant/triSurface/coursierThesauque2.stl

From function triSurfaceMesh::checkFile(const fileName&, const fileName&) in file searchableSurface/triSurfaceMesh.C at line116."

Does it exist an other type of geometry? (instead of "triSurfaceMesh")

Thanks for your help!!!

derjames September 21, 2009 15:28

the stl geometry have to be placed on the triSurface folder
(see below )



edit:triSurface inside constant directory

Nicopep September 21, 2009 15:42

Thank you but I already put the geometry file .stl in a triSurface subdirectory. That's why I don't understand the message... I know that my .stl is a binary file. Should it be a ASCII file? (but I don't know how to convert a binary file in a ASCII file...)

derjames September 21, 2009 16:04

It shoudn´t be a problem snappyHexMesh can read binary or ASCII files. Perhaps your CAD package has a STL translator but I do not think that is the problem. (CATIA the one I am using has one.)

Please just double check your directory structure

Nicopep September 22, 2009 03:39

Ok, sorry! Thank you very much derjames, you were right... I put the triSurface directory in the case folder not in the constant directory...

Now, I have an other problem with features. In fact I didn't really understand what this option was so I let it as it was in the motorbike case. Now I get this message:

"Refinement phase

Found point (50 0 10) in cell 68299 on processor 0
Reading external feature lines.

keyword file is undefined in dictionary "/home/isl/OpenFOAM/isl-1.6.x/run/CasTests/Thesauque/system/snappyHexMeshDict::features"

file: /home/isl/OpenFOAM/isl-1.6.x/run/CasTests/Thesauque/system/snappyHexMeshDict::features

From function dictionary::lookupEntry(const word&, bool, bool) const
in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 388."

Can somebody explain me what is feature?
And do you have an idea about this error?

Thanks a lot!

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