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fs82 September 23, 2009 09:30

Understanding of channelOodles and oodles solver

I have do build a new solver for my application and I have a question.
Comparing the oodles and channelOodles solver I noticed that:
incompressible/singlePhaseTransportModel/singlePhaseTransportModel.H and
is included in the oodles solver. But the class singlePhaseTransportModel.H is derived from transportModel.H so there is no need to include transportModel.H for my understanding.
In channelOodles transportModel.H is not included but in readTransportProperties.H nu is read in from transportProperties dictionary. But this should be the job of the transportModel, in my case Newtonian. And this is done there. Why is nu read in again? Could anybody explain me that?


fs82 September 23, 2009 10:36

Allright I will answer myself :-D
ChannelOodles seems to be derived from icoFoam. IcoFoam needs nu because of the diffusion term. But ChannelOodles gets this diffusion term from the LESModel-class and there should be no need to read in nu via readTransportProperties.H. This is just a relict from icoFoam. Why oodles includes transportModel.H is not obvious for me, but there is no need for that header file. If one comments this out, nothing happens, the results are the same. So this seems to be also a relict from another solver.

kind regards,

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