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sarajags_89 September 29, 2009 20:54

beginner-hlp pls
Hi iam a beginner in openFoam and I went through the tutorials and executed to of them. But I do not know how to simulate a problem of my own. For instance I would like to find the temperature distribution in a room with Airconditioner. Kindly guide me as how I can make my self competant to solve own problems like the one above and where do I start from!..thanks in advance

Valle October 1, 2009 09:19

I had similar problems when starting a simulation using OpenFoam. My suggest is to begin with a simple example, maybe a pipe flow, using the simpleFoam solver (incompressible and isothermal steady state solver). If you are feeling sure of using OpenFoam with a "simple" problem definition, try to increase your physics by using a more complex solver.
Believe me, for a beginner, the simpleFoam solver is hard enough :)

sarajags_89 October 2, 2009 18:25

hey thanks... hey one more thing.. i edited the pressure file in cavity directory and edited it so that it becomes temperature[ i changed the dimensions and value].. when i run icoFoam i am able to see the result.. but i am not able to get the temperature field in paraview..any suggestions

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