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ternik October 2, 2009 11:19

Stream Function - How to Visualise It?
I am running tutorial case (driven cavity) just to check "if & how" works the streamFunction utility... I am getting results (streamFunction) for each time step, but unfortunately I can not visualise it with the ParaView! Can you please give some hints on this...

I am also wondering if it is possible to plot streamFunction with the sample utility? If so, I am looking forward for a "cook-book" on this as well!

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: I am using OF-1.5...

hjasak October 3, 2009 06:07

You need to visualise iso-lines of stream function on a cut through the cavity.

This will give you the stream tubes. Please note: stream function is only defined in 2-D.



ternik October 3, 2009 06:55

Hi Hrvoje,
thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, results for the stream function (as calculated with a "streamFunction" utility) are not loaded when running the Paraview - if I am not mistaken, I should be able to see & load results under the Point Field Status within the ParaView...

Any further suggestions are more than welcome and highly appreciated!

Wish you a nice day,

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