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ternik October 3, 2009 10:23

PS (or EPS) format from ParaView

is there a possibility to export results (from ParaView) to a "vector image", i.e. to PostScript or EncapsulatedPostScript file? Unfortunately, png and other supported formats exported from ParaView are of poor (low) quality and converting them to vector format (PS or EPS) is not the soluiton...

I am running ParaView 3.3.0!


7islands October 4, 2009 02:37

Hi Primoz,
It's a wanted feature:


ternik October 4, 2009 03:21

Hi Takuya,
thanks for your reply! Do you know any solution how to convert supported file formats in ParaView (jpg, png...) into qualitative PS or EPS file formats? The fact is that when publishing papers in international peer-review journals the EPS file format (for figures) is on "most wanted" list (as is the manuscript prepared with LaTex).


akidess October 4, 2009 13:08

Depending on what you want to do, you can use Inkscape to trace bitmaps. E.g., this works reasonably well for black and white contour plots, but is possibly less useful for glyphs.

ternik October 4, 2009 13:47

Hi Anton,
thank you so much for your tip - I just have tried this with Inkscape and it WORKS!!! And the result is indeed reasonably well (if not more)...

With best wishes,

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