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vishwa October 6, 2009 21:08

not able to patch the velocity fields correctly
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I am running a LES simulation on a impinging jet reactor. Since, I didn't want to make the inlets very long, I choose to run a separate simulation just for a channel of the same size and shape of the inlets in the LES simulation and then patch the velocity fields into the case of the LES simulation.

The inlet plane has 1250 faces both in the reactor and the inlet simulation.

I used the sampledict to extract the velocities in the channel and then went to the 0 directory and changed the inlet to nonuniform List<vector> and pasted the velocity vectors from the channel flow.

However, the surfaces look very different. Here is have posted two images. The image cijr2 is the simulation of the channel. when I pasted that to the inlet patch of the LES model, this is how it looks.

I am guessing this might have to do with the face ordering somehow, but haven't a clue about rectifying it.

Hope that one of you will be able to help me out.


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