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tachyon_me October 7, 2009 14:01

I'm running snappyHexMesh for a complex model which takes really long iterating back and forth for meeting all the mesh quality criteria.

maxNonOrtho 75;
maxBoundarySkewness 30;
maxInternalSkewness 4;
maxConcave 85;
minFlatness 0.5;
minVol 1e-13;
minArea -1;
minTwist 0.05;
minDeterminant 0.001;
minFaceWeight 0.025;
minVolRatio 0.01;
minTriangleTwist 0.05;
nSmoothScale 4;
errorReduction 0.75;

I would like to speed up the meshing process. Please let me know your opinion if anything can be done to speed up meshing.

another things I would like to do the volume mesh fixing. Once I get the final mesh checkMesh utility pop up some bad cells >200 , Is there any way I can delete the bad cells before I run the solver or create the patch.

checkMesh utility i guess outputs the faces as warped etc ... I know i can bring out the cell attached with those faces with
faceToCell any / ....

Once I have all those bad cell in a set file How to operate them on the final mesh written 3/
Cell c0 delete .....

Finally My goal is to get the mesh without any of those bad cells.

Highly appreciate any help ...

santos October 7, 2009 18:49

You could speed up your meshing process by running sHM in parallel (I normally run it on 4 CPUs).

Jose Santos

tachyon_me October 7, 2009 19:54

Thanks ! I have been running parallel...

I see some kind of cell count boosts compared to other meshing tools ... I'm not 100% sure but I guess for similar kind of surface meshing and extrusion layer set up.... snappyHexMesh generates huge number of cells ....

Do u have any idea if I can fix the mesh after taking out the cells which normally pop up in checkMesh utility...

santos October 8, 2009 10:10

I am sorry but I dont have any experience on how to do that. Maybe you could increase your mesh quality parameters in snappyHexMeshDict so you dont end up with those bad cells.

Jose Santos

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