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rans2009 October 8, 2009 07:59

Inputs for bubbleFoam
Hi friends,

I wanted to know the inputs for bubbleFoam. I will put forth my problem definition as follows:

I am computing bubbleFoam on an aeration tank in which fluid (water) flows from left to right in the same time for the sake of aerating the water which flows, an aeration sorce is setup at the bottom through which gas particles in injected into the tank. Finally gas and water mixes well and water flows out of outlet (with or without gas).
As I told I am using bubbleFoam, I am only able to give velocity to gas particle (Ua), but I am really trying oit hard to define velocity to water (Ub), and I am not able to see any effect in the result.

Can anyone please help me,

Anticipating for your kind reply,

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