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Bram October 10, 2009 04:40

Domain decomposition method

I'm looking for information on domain decomposition methods.
Does anyone know which domain decomposition method OpenFoam use?

Thanks a lot!

fra76 October 11, 2009 04:16

By heart, Metis and ParMetis, Scotch, Hierarchical, plus simple and manual decomposition.
To get a list, simply type a wrong method in system/decomposeParDict and try to decompose the case.

Hope this helps,

Bram October 11, 2009 04:58

Hey Francesco,

Thanks for the information. But I am more looking for the method OpenFoam use to exchange information between the various domains, not the way how the domains are split. Examples of such methods are:
-The Dirichlet-Neumann algorithm
-The Neumann-Neumann algorithme
-A FETI-methode
-The ADN an ARN methods
-The Robin-Robin algorithm


fra76 October 12, 2009 13:26

Ok, I did not understand your question.
And I cannot give you an answer, sorry...


chegdan August 19, 2010 18:14

Information transfer at processor boundary?
I know this is old, but...

Were you able to figure out what sort of method openfoam uses to transfer information at the boundary (I know it communicates via openMP or other message passing code)? I do know the domain decomposition method used is non-overlapping and that the information across processor boundaries needs to be updated at each inner iteration of the linear solver...however, how is the information at the interfaces related to eachother (Neumann-Neumann,Dirichlet-Dirichlet, etc.)?


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