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mcgyver2k9 October 13, 2009 06:43

compiling new boundary

i'm new here and also quite new to openfoam and CFD in general.

what i want to do:
Simulate a steel pipe with hot air flow inside and air around it to figure out the thermal stress of this pipe.

how i tried:
I reduced it to a 2D Problem and want to simulate just the solid body. I'm not interested what happens to the air, so my plan was to use a boundary contition that calculates the heat flow on the solid surface by the temperature difference and the heattransfercoefficient. The temperature of the air can be a constant. I picked solidDisplacementFoam to solve the problem and it works fine with fixedValue or fixedGradient boundarys fo the temperature. I dit not find any boundary condition that exactly fits my problem, so i tried to modify fixedGradient which leads to...

the problem:
I tried to copy fixedGradient to a new folder, renamed anything in the files from fixedGradient to surfaceConvection and compile it. This dit not work. Then i tried to compile the original code with the same result.

here are the error messages:

surfaceConvectionFvPatchField.C:42: error: redefinition of 'Foam::surfaceConvectionFvPatchField<type>::surfac eConvectionFvPatchField(const Foam::fvPatch&, const FOAM::DimensionedField<Type, Foam::volMesh>&)'

surfaceConvectionFvPatchField.C:42: error: 'Foam::surfaceConvectionFvPatchField<type>::surfac eConvectionFvPatchField(const Foam::fvPatch&, const FOAM::DimensionedField<Type, Foam::volMesh>&)' previosly declared here

and this comes for every of these blocks (constructors if i transfered my java knowledge correcttly to c++)

Has anybody an idea what im doing wrong?

thanks for listening

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