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jasonreese October 13, 2009 17:19

Postdoc position available on hybrid CFD/Molecular-Dynamics using OpenFOAM
The following postdoc research opportunity in hybrid CFD/Molecular-Dynamics methods using OpenFOAM is available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK.

Closing date: Monday 2 November.
Contract length: 18 months.

The project is to further develop hybrid simulation methods (i.e. coupling molecular dynamics to computational fluid dynamics) to study the effect of gas molecule/surface interactions on the behaviour of gas micro/nano-flows. Different materials and fabrication techniques will be investigated numerically. The researcher will be working within a team which has extensive experience in these methods, and uses OpenFOAM as its main code.

The current molecular dynamics (MD) implementation in OpenFOAM was developed in our research group:

In Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), the surface properties of bounding walls have a substantial effect on the non-equilibrium flow characteristics. Commonly-used gas surface interaction models, such as the Maxwellian scattering kernel, do not capture all the essential physics of surface gas interactions. The researcher will use state-of-the-art MD simulations and/or direct simulation Monte Carlo methods, working in conjunction with a CFD model of the bulk fluid flow, to develop a better fundamental understanding of the details of the gas molecule interactions with a (rough) surface molecular lattice. In this way, the researcher will be able to develop a new scattering kernel, which can then be used to derive suitable extended hydrodynamic boundary conditions.

The project is a collaboration with FzKA Karlsruhe, and the University of Provence, France, within the newly-funded EU FP7 GASMEMS network, an international training network for young researchers in the field of rarefied gas flows in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. The researcher will spend the majority of their time at Strathclyde University, with a 2-month exchange at FzKA and 3 months at the University of Provence.

At the time of their appointment, applicants should:
- be within the first 5 years of their career in research (including PhD time);
- be of any nationality, except a national of the UK. In the case of an applicant holding more than one nationality (including UK), he/she will be eligible if he/she has not resided in the UK during the previous 5 years;
- not have resided or carried out his/her main activity in the UK for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to his/her appointment. Short stays such as holidays are not taken into account;
- if they hold UK nationality, be legally resident and have their main activity in a country not from the EU and not belonging to the list given at for at least three of the last four years immediately prior to their appointment;
- if in doubt about their eligibility for this position, contact Dr Zhang or Prof Reese, whose contact details are listed below.

This is challenging but highly rewarding research, so the successful applicant should have the following qualifications:
- a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Computational Science, or Engineering;
- a good background in fluid mechanics and/or molecular dynamics, and in programming in C++;
- excellent communication skills and written/verbal knowledge of the English language;
- high autonomy and adaptability skills;
- if the candidate has some experience in microfluidics and/or rarefied gas flows, this would be a benefit.

Financial information / Salary
Annual gross salary: 56,784€
Annual mobility allowance: 6,552€ (for a researcher without family obligations) to 10483.2€ (for a researcher with family obligations).
Travel allowance: between 250 and 2,500€ per year, depending on the researcher’s country of origin.
Career exploratory allowance: a single payment of 2,000€

Please contact either of the following for more information about the post or your eligibility to apply for it:
Prof Jason Reese:
Dr Yonghao Zhang:

Application procedure
Applications for this position, including a Curriculum Vitae or Resume with the contact details of three referees, a covering letter, attestation of the PhD degree, and a list of publications, should be sent via email, using the reference number GASMEMS-ER4 in the subject line, to:
Dr Yonghao Zhang:
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XJ, United Kingdom

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