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Nicopep October 19, 2009 11:36

Flow Over a Spillway
Hi everybody!

I'm a new user of OpenFOAM and I need some explanations...

I want to model the flow over a spillway. I have the geometry of the spillway in .stl format. I managed to make a good refined mesh with blockMesh and then snappyHexMesh. Now I have to enter all the boundaries and it's quite difficult for me... I want to use interFoam (it seems that this solver is good for free surface flows, isn't it?).

I explain to you what are the boundary conditions I know:
* at the upstream of the spillway, the fluid depth is constant equal to 15m.
* at the downstream of the spillway, the boundary is open (no condition) (fluid can pass through the boundary)
* at the bottom, I want a viscous condition (velocity equal to 0)
* the surface of the spillway has a Strickler coefficient of 70 (or roughness equal to 3 mm)

How can I model all this? There are such a lot of derived types that I can't understand which one is the good one... Do you have an idea?

Do you know if it exists a dictionary that explains all the types available? because the user guide is not very detailed about that...

To finish has anyone simulated yet something like a flow over a spillway, or a dam?

Thanks for your help!
Best regards.

hani October 21, 2009 04:48

Hi Nicolas,

Here you have a master thesis describing such a project done in Fluent: al_version.pdf

I am very interested in having the same simulation done in OpenFOAM, so you can contact me directly on hani(at)chalmers(dot)se, and I can give you the files. Then I can try to give you a hand on how to set up everything in OpenFOAM.

When we are done, you should write a small tutorial on how to do such simulations in OpenFOAM, and post it in the OpenFOAM Wiki.

What do you say?

Best regards,

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