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andrewryan October 21, 2009 16:47

Question regarding the F2F particle tracking algorithm implementation.
Hi all

I have read Niklas Nordin's thesis [1] about LPT. There he describes the face to face tracking algorithm (Chapter 4.2). Looking at the code in src/lagrangian/basic (in OF 1.5) I could find the F2F article again. He also mentions, that the mesh needs to be converted into a tetrahedral mesh. Otherwise calculating, whether the particle is in a cell or not, may fails. The solution to this problem is simply to decompose the hexahedral mesh into a tetrahedral mesh.

I played a bit with icoLagrangianFoam [2] and the cavityLagrangian case, where a tetrahedral mesh is generated using blockMesh. However when I look at the of code to calculate the lambdas (ParticleI.H [3]), which tells you whether a particle lies in a cell or not, I just find a reference to polyMesh. I cannot figure out where the mesh is decomposed into a hexahedral mesh.

Any ideas?


niklas October 21, 2009 17:18

It has been rewritten since then, you should look here instead.

Particle tracking in unstructured, arbitrary polyhedral meshes for CFD
and molecular dynamics,
G.B. Macpherson, N.Nordin and H.G Weller
Communications In Numerical Methods In Engineering (2008)

andrewryan October 22, 2009 01:55

thx for the hint!

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