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ezsoal October 27, 2009 10:13

Using Compressible Solver (sonicFoam) to solve subsonic flows

I'm kinda new to CFD and OpenFOAM, with limited time to explore the vast array of solvers that OF comes bundled with.

I need to develop the capability to solve flow over simple geometries over a wide range of flow regimes, from low subsonic to supersonic.

However, I find the differences in the compressible and incompressible solvers kinda confusing, especially the differences in the input files for p,U,T etc, and the boundary conditions.

Is it possible to use just ONE solver to solve all kinda flows? For eg, can I use sonicFoam to solve subsonic flows just by entering subsonic velocities in the U file?

I tried this but am getting an error saying Mach No < 1. Is there a way around this?

I would really appreciate a response in this regard!


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