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a_yoshi October 28, 2009 22:09

OpenFOAM basic Question
I 'm studying OpenFOAM now.
I wonder that there is nothing the loop
do i=0,nx
do j=0,ny
do k=0,nz

in turbuFoam source code in $FOAM_APP/solvers/turbFoam.

Please teach me where the loop
the loop
do i=0,nx
do j=0,ny
do k=0,nz

in the OpenFOAM Source code ?

Regards, yoshi

dmoroian October 29, 2009 05:13

Hi Yoshi,
I bet you wrote your own solvers using finite differences on cartezian meshes.
To shortly answer your question, the loop over all the cells is performed when the linear equations are solved using the function (guess its name!) "solve".
I suggest you follow the existing documentation together with the tutorials to get a better overview on the library.


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