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shangzung October 29, 2009 13:10

Did you ever simulate a detonation with OpenFOAM?

I am new to OpenFOAM and try to simulate an explosion inside a room. Did someone of you guys ever simulate an explosion with OpenFOAM or is OF the wrong tool fot that? Since I don't find any posts referring to that subject.

bhh October 29, 2009 13:35

:) XiFoam will do the trick for gas explosions.

shangzung October 30, 2009 05:54

I want to simulate a TNT explosion. That's not a gas explosion, is it?

I am trying to use sonicFoam just by adding a field that has a very high pressure to simulate the reacted TNT.

CharlieTan84 March 6, 2013 05:06

Hello Friends!

I am also interested with the answer!

Thanks you!!

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